FAIR AUTOMOBILES carries all the risks out of purchasing and importing a vehicle direct from auction houses located in Japan. We provide guarantees so you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for. There will be no cost escalation by surprising you with claims of hidden spending requirements. Every vehicle, on Japanese auction, is professionally and independently inspected. The results and findings are published alongside the vehicle’s photos in the auction report.

FAIR AUTOMOBILES never profits from the auction process. We are mainly logistics providers. So our job is to get the right vehicle for you at the lowest price. We provide the Best Price ideas by informing the price trends of the car of certain brand and condition/grade. We come to know from you the maximum limit of bidding price for the car of your choice. If we can make you a winner, we provide you the original auction invoice of the vehicle. If the winning auction price is less than your maximum limit, all the savings are yours. You can be sure about the price from many other web sites those host the information of Japanese auctions. And you can easily match the auction price and chassis numbers on the invoice and the auction data. Anyone can import vehicle through FAIR AUTOMOBILES and it will be the same price for all individual.

All vehicles, bought through FAIR AUTOMOBILES, are guaranteed to be in the condition described at the time of auction. Each vehicle’s condition and its operation are checked before departure. Any vehicle found to have undisclosed damage or faults is returned to the auction house (there is a 5 day claim period for Japanese Auctions). In such cases, the transaction will be void and you will not be charged anything for the cancelled deal. We shall initiate another fresh bidding for you.

All vehicles, bought through FAIR AUTOMOBILES, are inspected and issued JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) certificate. Each vehicle has to do its odometer verification tests from Japan. After the test, the original mileage is declared which you can check & match at the moment of taking over of your vehicle.

FAIR AUTOMOBILES professional auction team has a thorough knowledge of local import and export regulations. FAIR AUTOMOBILES provide 100% guarantees that any vehicle purchased through us is fully compliant with Bangladesh regulation of import as well as rules of Bangladesh Roads & Transport Authority (BRTA). We can claim a 100% refund if the vehicle you purchase through FAIR AUTOMOBILES fail to comply the above rules and regulations.