1. When you confirm participating in bid you will need to provide security deposit of Tk. 1,00,000 (One Lac). This security deposit will be a part-payment of the total price of your vehicle.
  2. FAIR AUTOMOBILES will notify you immediately (at the day of auction) if bid is won. The invoice for first installment (at least 30% of the total estimated price) will be issued in the following day. The invoice will mention the estimated landed cost in Bangladesh. The first installment has to be paid within 3 days of issuing the invoice. FAIR AUTOMOBILES reserve the right to re-auction of any vehicles due to failure of paying the first installment within the stipulated time. FAIR AUTOMOBILES also reserve the rights to adjust or forbid the security deposit for bearing the costs incurred in re-auction or reselling of the vehicle won in the auction.
  3. The total landed costs to Bangladesh will be estimated based on the available information and rational forecast (It is still tentative, because the conversion of JPY & US$ to BDT is changing every day). We will provide the total offer letter to you to work on your side for arranging the rest of the payment or processing for the bank loan, if needed.
  4. Finally FAIR AUTOMOBILES will provide you actual cost of landing in Bangladesh after clearing from the port.
  5. Second installment (rest of the amount to meet the total cost after adjustment of security deposit and 1st installment) is needed prior to handover the vehicle to you. The number plate registration from BRTA will be provided as voluntary service to you at actual cost.
  6. In the cases, we receive two or more bids for the same vehicle only the highest bid will be considered by FAIR AUTOMOBILES. If bids are the same then only the first bid will be considered.
  7. Once a bid has been confirmed by you and a security deposit is paid, cancellation of the bid is not possible.
  8. Modified, non-moving & huge repaired vehicles will not be considered for bidding through FAIR AUTOMOBILES.