Why Choose Us

You choose the car & price; we’ll import it for you! With thousands of cars at auction everyday in Japan, you can bid on as many as you like! Inform us your maximum landed price and we will bid up to that amount. If we can get the car cheaper, that is all you will pay!

  1. We arrange everything involved in getting the car from the auction house in Japan to Bangladesh. We have negotiated discounted rates on shipping and compliance costs enabling our customers to save hundreds.
  2. We bid and buy on your behalf and secure it for the best possible price.
  3. We arrange everything required to have the car on road in Bangladesh
  4. We guarantee the condition of all cars as they are carefully inspected for you, if it arrives and is not in the condition described we will sort it or refund your purchase price.

FAIR AUTOMOBILES helps you to win in every situation. With FAIR AUTOMOBILES, there is no losing deal for any buyer, because, it is a must wining partnership. But How? Let’s compare and start believing to get the full thrust on FAIR AUTOMOBILES.

Issues to be considered Dealing with a conventional retail shop Dealing with FAIR AUTOMOBILES (Our specialty)
Extent of the sourcing horizon A conventional retail seller tries to limit your sourcing possibilities within the shop; it may not even encourage you to visit the nearby shop for searching of your future car. We extend your sourcing horizon up to the country of origin i.e., we facilitate to buy your car from any major auction houses located in Japan.
Priority of your preference It always tries to sell whatever the cars available to it. We help searching until you get exactly the car that you desire for.
Authentic Information, about auction grade You may not be lucky enough to know the auction grade and see the auction sheet. Sometimes, you can be said that the car is bought from the stock in Japan and has no auction sheet.
But, only knowing the auction grade and seeing the auction sheet can make you an informed buyer.
We encourage & assist you to start your dealings based on the auction grade and provide you the auction sheet at the beginning of the dealing to facilitate you decision with authentic information.
Transparency In many cases, you may not know the actual auction price of your car and all other cost heads (carrying to the Japanese port, shipping charge, custom duties, effect of conversion rate, etc.) FAIR AUTOMOBILES makes it easy for you to calculate all cost heads by your own with following the examples.
Smooth Delivery In the conventional processing, you physically need to go to the shops and try to understand all the features only by observing the appearance of the car. FAIR AUTOMOBILES manage the import processing on behalf of you and delivers your car at your door steps which you buy based on guaranteed features.
Real Mileage Odometer manipulation is a very common practice to exhibit the car as lesser driven. This unfortunate tempering of odometer readings will definitely lead you to a higher maintenance cost beyond your anticipation. With FAIR AUTOMOBILES, you get the scope of knowing the actual mileage from the auction sheet, there is no scope of manipulation. You can anticipate the maintenance cost rationally.
Repair History The most of the buyers of the reconditioned car ignored this most important factor and rely only on physical appearance of the car. Many a time the totally damaged cars are being repaired and sold as a good graded cars and buyers put into troubles after a few weeks. With FAIR AUTOMOBILES, you get the real repair history which is presented, section by section, in the respective auction sheet of the car. Thus, save you to buying from a damaged car with a good appearance.
Price Ambiguous Transparently calculated with a cost-break-up description and definitely less than the car of same grade and condition.
Higher Savings Many a time, you may be told that you are getting a very good car with very marginal profit or even no profit. But you have no means of verification for the goodness (the real quality) and the actual cost of the car. In worst cases, the car will incur a huge maintenance cost during the use and you may have to spend all most the same amount as the price, for meeting the continuous repairing requirement within the total use life of the car. With FAIR AUTOMOBILES, you are able to know the real condition of your future car by knowing the auction grade. So the quality of the car is ensured in line with the description on the auction sheet. You are also able to know all the individual cost items and the spendable amount for each cost head well ahead of the deal. The break-up calculation of the total actual payable amounts will save you from any hidden cost. We suggest you only car with auction grade of 4 and above which usually do not require any mechanical repair expenses, other than regular maintenance cost, within 4 years of buying. So save a great!

Get authentic information and appropriate advices:
From FAIR AUTOMOBILES: Japanese auction system is a very established and globally known market for reconditioned vehicles. But for a new comer, it may seem some factors are difficult to understand. The marketing team of FAIR AUTOMOBILES is always ready to provide you full assistance to make clear and full understanding of each required issues related to buying a car.

The Japanese part of FAIR AUTOMOBILES is professional vehicle auction agent and exporter for more than 8 years. We can provide effective advice on what models to buy, how much to pay or any other problems related to certain vehicles.

So, you can get these expert services for free. Trust us as your purchasing partner, not just a vendor, and get all the required information. Even if you do not feel those as required, we are here to tell you the whole story. We are open for phone, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, email or face to face interactions.

Scope for double check by Independent Inspection:
The information in the auction sheet of the Japanese reconditioned automobile is globally trusted. A professional appraisal of conditions of each vehicle is done by experts appointed by the auction houses for declaration of `auction grade’ as well as all describing the detail information, such as, chassis number, model, year of manufacturing, interior feature, millage, original color, repair and service record.

FAIR AUTOMOBILES can arrange further inspection for you by the designated but independent expert in Japan to recheck the description of the auction sheet as well as get any further detail you ask for. An independent inspection leaves no room for any risk. So you can know exactly what you are going to get and for what we are giving guarantee even well ahead of deciding for bid. It is your advanced step to get rid of the confusion and tension.

Best price and less hassle:
Shopping with FAIR AUTOMOBILES is definitely shopping in best price. Because, the winning bid price of the Japanese auction houses are globally known auction price. After the bid, you can find the winning price of the auctioned vehicle in number of web sites hosted in different countries.

It is better to know that Japanese vehicle auctions are the compulsory way for the local dealers to buy and sell vehicles. Similar to many other international specialized e-commerce sites, FAIR AUTOMOBILES put you into these auctions process directly where you may bid with residents of other countries. So instead of buying from a dealer or retailer, you get the opportunity to buy directly from where dealers themselves buy to sell it again. With FAIR AUTOMOBILES, you not only save the dealer’s margin, but also you can buy at dealers’ acquisition price with facing the hassles of negotiations.

When you deal with us, you need not to pay any extra agent’s fees or third party commissions. You can avail further benefits from our Japanese part’s high volume low cost shipping. We handle all the transporting, shipping, importing and customs procedures on behalf of you. So once you confirm your choice of the car and pay, as per the payment schedule, the only thing left is to wait for it to get & drive.